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Our Mission

At Forward, we want our students to do three things:


Step Forward: To be taken ahold of by Christ and make the decision to Step Forward in faith to walk with Christ for the rest of their lives. When Christ says “Follow Me,” we want our youth to take that first step forward.

Grow Forward: After we take that first step to follow after Christ, we want our students to continue growing in their faith and forget what is behind and reach forward to what is ahead. We want to create an atmosphere where they can feel welcomed and have other followers of Christ to grow closer to.

Go Forward: All believers in Jesus have a universal command to go into the world and Spread the Gospel. We want to equip our students to bring the Love of God into their school, homes, community, and anywhere they go.


We do those three things by Loving one another, Pointing them to Jesus, and teaching them to repeat. We strive to create an atmosphere that leaves them feeling like they are a part of something and a sense of belonging. If you have any other questions about Forward or want to get plugged in, my email is below and I would love to talk with you more! 

Our Youth Minister

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