As you read through Scripture, it is easy to see that the Christian experience is rooted in stories. Our stories are what bind us together. Stories of Redemption. Stories of Grace. Stories of Life. All of us are ultimately a part of a larger story - God's story.
It is our hope to share stories of God moving and working in our lives, to celebrate the bigger story that God is writing among us all.
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Delores’ Story 

March 25, 2019, my Regional Manager drove in from Oklahoma City. His words: “I drove down this morning with the sole intent to let you go.” This was due to cut backs and my position was being eliminated. After having a conversation with our area manager, he found out I have the knowledge/experience to take on dual roles. He asked if I would be willing to take on another position as well as the one I currently held. After a short conversation, I agreed to take on the Wholesale Doc Specialist position as well as continue to serve as the Fleet Service Writer. When our conversation was over he just stood there, the radio was playing KVNE quietly in the background. He asked, “Do you know that song?” I replied, “Yes sir, I do.” He said, “That song tells us there is a Higher Power.” My reply was, “Yes sir.” He said, “It tells us there is a bigger boss than Pilot Thomas Logistics.” My reply was, “Yes sir there is.” The song playing was This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham. But that’s not all. I did not ask if there would be a pay increase, I was just grateful to still have a job. When I looked at my pay stub April 1st, I had gotten $1.01 pay raise. This is truly AMAZING GRACE!!!!!!


Brittany's Story

The Lord Almighty has always been at work in my life. Even when I didn't want Him. It took a supportive church family, like the one I found at FBC Liberty City, to keep me focused on the path the Creator has destined me with. Satan has certainly had his way with my life. I lost my mother at the age of 4, was sexually abused for several years, and had to deal with a physically abusive and alcoholic father. I knew and had a relationship with the Lord for the most part, but I grew up way too fast.

From the difficulties I faced early in life I struggled with mental health issues and turned to drug and alcohol abuse. Not only to quiet the anger and inner turmoil, but to also quiet Lord God. I didn't want to submit. For too long I had no control, it was my turn. I had turned so far away from God that I practiced divination and other forms of witchcraft just to practice that control. My father had recently remarried and so I had time for myself. Time for my world to finally crash

One night, after much crying and praying and ultimatums, I dreamed the Lord was talking to me. I dreamed it was the end of times. Men without faces were chasing me. The only identifiable and common thing about them were their shirts. It was an orange shirt with only a Bible verse on it, John 8:48. When I jumped awake from fear I could hear a severe thunderstorm outside my window. With a crash, a bolt of lightening streaked past my window and shook my house so hard that some of my things fell out of my closet. As I got out of bed to pick everything up I saw my Bible fall out and open on the floor. It was turned directly to the Book Of John, chapter 8 verse 48. It read, "And are we not right to say you are a Samaritan and are demon possessed?" You see, all of that praying and ultimatums that I was offering up to God was a cry for help. I wanted to know why my life was so horrible. It was time to take responsibility for my life. Though I would still fight for a few more years.

Fast forward 4 years later, I meet and married my current husband and was expecting our first child. I was finally feeling good with my life, despite the still broken and hurting relationships with my sisters and father. It wouldn't last though. One morning, on the 28 week mark in my pregnancy, I delivered by emergency c-section a 2lb 13oz baby boy. We named him Ein and, despite the hopeful start, buried him 10 days later. This put a very real strain on my marriage and faith. Despite my anger, I finally managed to turn to God in my time of need. I had a great support group of ladies in this church during that time and also 2 years later when I was in the hospital on bed rest until I delivered my second son.

Because of the fear of losing another child, I prayed hard and long about how to fill that void in my heart for more children. Again, the support group of ladies at FBC Liberty City, along with my step-mother, helped me see ways in which I could serve the Lord and be fulfilled. So I decided to help in the Nursery. I volunteered for Sunday School as a way to make sure I was at church every Sunday, lest my depression and self-destructive ways take hold.


Eventually, I had another and final child. A little girl. I'm still a Sunday School teacher and also work Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, and as a preschool teacher in the Mother's Day Out program. I no longer hate God for my life. My relationships with my sisters are so much better and my marriage, in its 8th year, is growing stronger every day. Though I still have bad days and struggle to undo the trauma from my past, I know I can move forward with the support I found at FBC Liberty City and in family members.




My God’s Grace

On September 7th, 2017,  I had an injection for pain and the doctor hit the disk with the needle and it started to really hurt before I left the clinic. On Saturday the 9th my leg was hurting so bad that when I opened my back door and stepped out on the porch my leg gave out and I sat down real hard on it. When I stood back up I had to have help getting into the house. I called the doctor and he arranged an MRI for the 15th, he read the MRI on the 20th and called me. Dr. Garrett told me to call Dr. Merrick and tell him I needed to see him that day – asap. This was at 1:10 p.m. on Wednesday the 20th. I called Dr. Merrick’s office and they said come in at 3:00 p.m. - at 4:00 p.m.Dr. Merrick said I had to have surgery because the disk crumbled into very small pieces and was in the nerve. He looked me in the eyes and said I can’t fit you in for 30 days. I told him to find me a surgeon. He grinned at me and said I do have an open spot at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday and can do it then. Thursday was the 21st of September. Dr. Merrick said that when I called at 1:20 to make my appointment to see him that a lady called at 1:45 p.m. and cancelled her Thursday 3:00 p.m. surgery because she was running a fever. I asked him what time on Thursday, he said be there at 8:00 a.m. This is where God works his miracle for my surgery, God set it up through Dr. Merrick and on September 21 at 1:45 p.m. I went into surgery - it was even worse than they had seen on the MRI. I woke up in my room after 7:00 p.m. on the 21st with no leg, foot, or back pain. The incision is the only place that hurt and after a week it was not that sore. Dr. Merrick and Bro. Paul Michael prayed over me on the morning of the 21st and God answered all their prayers as well as mine. 



Kayla's story

    Last year God led me to FBC Liberty City where I heard Pastor Paul Michael preach and gave my life to Jesus. After I was baptized and continued to grow in Jesus, I felt God leading me to an overseas ministry. I am currently living with a family in Germany and serving as an Au-Pair and attending University. I just had to share my past week with you...  

Bruce's story

    Life is good…. God is faithful. I was raised and taught that marriage was “until death do we part.” But it takes two to make that work. In 1980, I was left with two small children to raise and an imminent threat of losing them. I prayed Psalm 84:7 to God claiming His promise that He will not withhold any good thing from His children. My children were the best thing I had and He heard my cry. I got custody of them when men in Texas almost never got custody of their children. 
    God sent me Judy and two more children. We raised four together and it was not easy. We could only afford to drive junker cars and we cleaned toilets to provide them with a Christian school. Twenty-two years ago God sent us to this wonderful church and soon Judy and I will have 37 years together.
    I love my job. We don't drive lemons anymore. Life is good. Because God is good.

Tanya's story

    Since being diagnosed with colon cancer almost a year ago I have experienced a peace in my life that only the Lord God can give. I can honestly say I have never doubted my Lord’s plan for my life during this cancer walk. I give Him all glory and honor as the Lord has gone before me, preparing the way by giving me His peace - not as the world gives. His mercies have come from my wonderful church family who continue to help, encourage, and uphold me in prayer to this day, and medical staff that were always kind in difficult situations. I have been able to speak to some and pray with them of my Savior’s love for me and them. And I feel cancer is worth it to do that.  
    I have found that divine peace that passes all understanding because I would never have been able to walk this path without knowing His peace. I pray whoever reads this knows the Lord’s peace and finds refuge and love only in knowing Jesus Christ as your personal Savior can bring. Hi plans for us are good sf to bring glory and honor to Him only. 
    “For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name,” Luke 1:49.


    When I was growing up my family and I were part of a church family in Arkansas. We went to church regularly, we went on trips with our church and were involved in many other church related functions.  In June of 1999, we moved to Texas, I was 17 years old. It was a very tough time for me. Everyone I grew up with for the past 17 years was now 2.5 hours away and I was starting a new school in the 11th grade. My family visited several churches but never found one that we continued to visit regularly or became a member of. While I was attending high school here in Texas, I did not make too many friends, but it was during this time that I met a very important friend. I became friends with a very special girl, which later became my wife...