The church library is located in the front of the Chapel building, to the left after entering the foyer.  It has a wide variety of media for our families.  Books (fiction and non-fiction), videos, DVDs and a large children and youth collection, available to the congregation.  The library also has a reference room in Room 5 of the Chapel building.  These items cannot be checkout out and need to be used while in this room.

Library Hours

Tuesday | 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Thursday | 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Returning Library Materials
Library media return boxes are located in the foyer of the Chapel building, in the Nursery, and in the Children's Hall of the Gym.

Mobile Library Carts
Mobile library carts are located in the Nursery, foyer of the Chapel (on Sunday mornings), Choir Room, Welcome Center and the Children's Hall of the Gym.  
Library carts are stocked with age-appropriate materials for each location and self-checkout forms.  Circulated materials are changed out seasonally on these carts.

Getting A Library Card

You can be added to the library user list at any time.  Just come by the church library or send us an email and we will enter your information to get you signed up for a card.  All information is kept on the computer and there is no card to carry around or keep up with. 


If you would be interested in helping out in the library, please complete a church ministry commitment card and sign up for the library ministry. 


If you would like to honor the memory of a family member or friend with a donation to the library, call or come by and we'll fill out a form with all the information needed. Some like to give a certain book, while others prefer to give a dollar amount and leave the choice of books to us. A bookplate will be placed in the book with the name of the person honored and the person(s) making the donation. An acknowledgment is sent to the family member you have chosen, letting them know of your gift.  

Donation Guidelines

Our church library is very small, and we need only one copy of items, with a few exceptions.  Below are the guidelines for donating items to the library.

1.  If items are left in the library without a name or note, we will assume they are being donated and will handle them according to the following guidelines.

2.  Materials will be sorted according to current needs. Duplicates will be donated to House of Hope, other libraries or given away.

3.  You can receive a list of any items donated for tax purposes. 


Attention Teachers

If you recommend books for your class members to read, please send a list of these books to the church library so we can have them ready for circulation when your class members request them.  


Contact the Library at

Phone: 903-984-4494 ext. 113