Last year God led me to FBC Liberty City where I heard Pastor Paul Michael preach and gave my life to Jesus. After I was baptized and continued to grow in Jesus, I felt God leading me to an overseas ministry. I am currently living with a family in Germany and serving as an Au-Pair and attending University. I just had to share my past week with you. 
    Sunday my friend and I got up at 6am and drove three hours to attend Hillsong Church. I met a beautiful soul from Dallas, Texas that talked with us for an hour before the service started. She asked me why I was in Germany. My first answer was of course "I am an Au-Pair." She stopped me. Then asked again but in a way that I never expected. “Why did God send you to Germany?” I was stunned. I told her I'm not sure why but hopefully God has a big purpose. She then proceed to talk more about purpose and her life. Afterwards the three of us prayed. 
    Now the beautiful part. Since the first week of arriving in Germany I have been going to a small ministry called "Christliche Teestube" which translates into LifeTime. It is downtown Paderborn in a small, old coffee shop. The people from the church have turned this place into a free lounge where you can come in and enjoy free hot and cold beverages and food while listening to live music and the preacher for that night. Many times it's just regular people who have attended for years but once in a while, usually during winter, people will walk by, hear music and come in! Well, I fell in love with the concept and just the atmosphere. I have made many friends there! Every Friday night I attend. 
    Last Tuesday, a member of my host family named Stefan received a phone call from Arthur the leader asking about my faith and views. Stefan told him and then Arthur asked if I would be interested in joining the LifeTime team! Stefan called me and was so excited to tell me. Of course I accepted! My duties would include working with the children, and at the end speaking to those who do not speak German since Paderborn is the sight of a British Military Post and of course refugees. 
    I walked into LifeTime Friday night and was pulled quickly back outside by Arthur and the preacher of church that is funding this place. They told me there were three Syrian refugees that found this place and none of them speak German… only English. My heart skipped because I was so nervous! But, I quickly settled down when I met Mohammed and his brothers. 
    Valentina, a friend who speaks some English sat with them and just talked. I found out they were from a town outside of Aleppo and they had to flee prosecution for helping in a restricted area. My heart broke for these three brothers aged 32, 27, and 23.... then we asked if they were Christian. The eldest brothers said no that they are Muslim but Mohammed said he is not but believes in the Christian faith. My next question to Mohammed was, “Do you know Jesus?” His reply, "I want to..." That's when I knew my purpose. God sent me here to be a voice for Jesus to those who cannot speak German. To those who walk into the doors and need to speak with someone. Valentina and I talked to Mohammed until 11:30pm. Arthur talked to the brothers but knew he could not convince them in one night. But Mohammed... he was saved that night. Arthur, Valentina, and I stood outside in the snow and prayed. I in English, Valentina in Russian, Arthur in German, and Mohammed Arabic. But at the end... Mohammed made the decision to follow Christ! Now he is joining Valentina and I next Sunday at Hillsong because they have translation and he will be coming to Bielefeld church also because the access to English translation! I have found the reason, or one of the reasons I was placed in Germany with a beautiful God fearing family and now a team member of LifeTime.