FBC Liberty City.

As most of you have heard, a ten year old girl went missing from the lobby of her church, Bullard First Assembly, this past Tuesday. While we want to feel safe at the church house, the world we live in simply is not what it used to be. That is why we want to be forward thinking and preemptive in safety procedures at FBC Liberty City. In light of the situation in Bullard, some of you have asked about what we are doing at FBC Liberty City. With that in mind here are some steps we are asking for your help with to increase security:

(1) Parents, you are the best security force for your children. Please be aware of where your children are at all times.

(2) At the end of the Sunday School hour we currently require our K-2 children to be picked up by a parent. We need to increase this to include grades 3-5 as well. Parents of grades K-5, please pick up your children at the end of the Sunday School hour which is 10am.  Please do not send a sibling, but a parent to pick up your children.

(3) We have a safety consultant working with Suzanne to make sure we have the best check-in and check-out procedures possible for Wednesday nights in the children's areas.  The Children's Ministry has a safety meeting forthcoming.

Thank you for working together to keep our facilities a safe place for our children.

Found in Him,

Pastor Paul Michael