...it occurred to me that worship is not for the lost, or even the Saved. It is for the Lord. Corporate praise however, as a part of worship, should edify and instruct the faith of everyone involved, I believe. As an activity of the church, it should edify all those involved.
— Tim Coop

DiscipleNow has come and gone...and what a great weekend it was for our students.  It was good to have the Blake Kelch band leading us in worship last Sunday as Reid Johnson brought the Word in our morning service.  It is such a joy to be a part of a church that values the investment in the lives of students so that we understand the importance of events such as this.  Thank you, Tim and Melinda and our student ministry for another great weekend.

Holy Week is almost here!  This Sunday will be Palm Sunday and we will gather together to sing our "Hosannas" to the King of Kings.  Palm branches will be waved as the choir will begin the day with Bro. Tim singing the Michael W. Smith song "Hosanna."  I can't wait!  Then the next Sunday will be Easter and we'll celebrate the Resurrection with some great songs including "Yahweh" and "For the Cross."  I hope you'll do your best to not miss rehearsals for the next two weeks as we get ready for Palm Sunday and Easter.  As we enter this season, will you join me in praying that the Lord will renew in our hearts the necessity of His death for our sin,  the enormity of His sacrifice, the greatness of His resurrection, and the wonder of His love!