Worship is our response to the overture of love from the heart of the Father.
— Richard Foster

I want to echo what the pastor has already said as I look back over the past couple of weeks and the way our church has risen to the occasion in ministry to families in crisis.  It was more than a blessing to me to see how the church came together to care for the Collins family.  The memorial service for Marion was a great time of worship and remembering, and the days before and after have been times of sharing and caring.  Thank you so much!  We have more opportunities this week as other church members will be laying to rest family members....and I have no doubt that our church will take care of every need as you always do.

Thanks so much for the great start to the service last Sunday, Choir!  Clyde did an outstanding job on the solo and the choir brought it singing "I'll Put On A Crown."  This Sunday, we'll begin the day with the orchestra playing "He Lives."  I think you're going to love this new song from our orchestra.  Also, Jennifer will be sharing a great song by Meredith Andrews called "The Gospel Changes Everything."  We'll be observing the Lord's Supper in our morning service this week as well.  Come ready to experience the grace of our Lord anew and afresh.

New music and new demo cd's are ready!  The music that we'll be doing from May through August is available - get a cd and start listening to the great songs we'll be sharing over the next few months.  There are three cd's on the table in the choir room:  Orchestra Summer '17, Choir Summer '17 and also a disk with 5 new songs for Praise and Worship that we'll be introducing to the congregation.  Get yours this week!