God’s purpose for worship has not changed. His goal is that we are changed by His presence. If we sell out a sense of His presence for cultural relevancy, we have lost everything.
— John Chism

Last Sunday night I was at FBC Sulphur Springs for an area wide Evangelism Rally.  The speaker made a comment that has caused me to think a lot this week.  He said, "The only thing worse than being lost is being lost with no one looking for you."  He told a couple of stories about people who had been lost in forest areas...in one case the man had gone without telling anyone and just disappeared until someone finally realized he was gone.  But in another case, a little girl went missing and over 20,000 people gathered to search the countryside until they found her - cold and hungry, but safe.  The point is this, we all have people in our lives who need Jesus.  Family members, coworkers, friends who are lost and in need of a Savior.  Are you looking for them?  For some, you could be the voice that utters the word that could change their lives this week.  For others, you can be the example that will cause them to want what you have.  And for all, you have the great privilege of taking them before God by name and asking Him to do His convicting work in their lives.  Who do you know that you need to "look for" this week?

We had a great morning in worship last Sunday.  It was a very special time as we observed the Lord's Supper together.  Thank you, Melissa Johnson for the beautiful flute solos during communion last week.  I'm looking forward to this Sunday as we begin the day with the choir singing "New Day Dawning."  Let's fill every seat in the choir and lift up praise to our Lord!