If you come to worship for any reason other than the joy and satisfaction that are found in God, you dishonor Him. God’s greatest delight is your delight in Him.
— Sam Storms

There are days when the choir is filled and we raise a loud sound of praise to the Lord and it is just awesome!  Then, there are days, like like Sunday, when a song ends in a whisper.....a whisper that says "You are faithful, God you are faithful."  And it is awesome.  Thank you so much for the beautiful way our choir shared "Never Once" this past Lord's Day.  Jeff, you did a wonderful job on that solo.  I wonder if anybody else has been repeating "Every step we are breathing in Your grace, evermore we'll be breathing out Your praise."  That's my desire for my life moment by moment....to live in the realization of His great grace and to respond with thoughts and words and songs and deeds of praise.

Most of you know how much I love lions....and many of you have heard my story of why.  I believe there are over 40 lions of different lions in my office - and each one is named Judah!  Well, this Sunday we're going to introduce the new song we've been learning "The Lion and the Lamb" to our church.  I'm looking forward to singing this great song of praise.  We'll start the service with choir and orchestra doing "Glorious City of God".  It's a big song and we need a big choir to sing it!  Join us in lifting up a joyful sound this Sunday.  The following week, February 26, we will be observing the Lord's Supper in our morning service.  Come expecting the Lord to do a great work in our hearts.