A discovery of the glory of God in the face of Christ gives life to the soul, and this maintains life, as doth bread to the body.
— Jonathan Edwards

The Lord just keeps on blessing us!  We had a great day of worship last Sunday as we sang and heard God's Word and another family came to join our FBCLC family.  I was so blessed by our orchestra beginning the service with "His Faithfulness."  Thank you, orchestra, for your faithfulness and for your passion to honor our Lord through your music. Our ladies trio blessed our hearts with the beautiful song "Healer of My Heart".....my, how I love to hear those ladies sing!   Next Sunday the orchestra will once again start the service with "Forever."  We'll sing some of our favorite songs like "For This Purpose," "Great is the Lord" and "My Savior, My God.  Then the choir will join Meagan in sharing that great proclamation of faith, "Your Great Name."  I can't wait for another wonderful day with the people of God in worship. Remember, we will not have Sunday evening service this week as our Soul Care groups will be meeting in various homes for fellowship.

Thanks so much for your response to my request that you let us know when you will not be able to attend a rehearsal or when you will be out on a Sunday.  It is so helpful to know who will be here as we plan services.  Speaking of planning services, I'm looking forward to the ministry of our Choir in February.  We will be sharing "Never Once" with Jeff on February 12 and then on February 19 we'll sing (and the orchestra will play) "Glorious City of God."  Orchestra will be playing "Let Ev'rything that Has Breath," "Forever" and "Happy Day" over the next few weeks as well.  Before you know it, Spring Break and our annual church campout at Beaver's Bend will be here.  We'll take a one week rehearsal vacation on Wednesday, March 19 to give everybody a breather before we start the run toward Easter on April 16.  After Easter, we'll start getting ready for Night of Praise 3 which will be held here at FBCLC on Sunday night, May 21.  Mark that date on your calendar as "don't miss!"

I'm looking forward to lifting up praise with you this week!