We must believe God no matter how convincing Satan’s arguments appear.
— Watchman Nee

Our pastor said this last Sunday morning, "We gather together and we praise and preach and pray because we anticipate that God will do what only He can do.....change the hearts and lives of people."  Yes!  That's it.  We don't come on Sunday to observe a ceremony in an effort to please a distant deity.  We don't come to observe people singing and preaching in an effort to be entertained.  We come together to lift up the name of Jesus, to seek Him through prayer and to devour His Word as it is read and preached because we know that in so doing the Lord has promised to join us there.  And where He comes, He changes lives!  May our prayer this week be, "Lord, change our hearts - and start with me!"

What a great service we had last Sunday!  Thank you, choir, for beginning the day in such a wonderful way with "Crowd the Gates."  This Sunday, our orchestra will start the service with "Let Everything That Has Breath."  We'll also be singing "O Worship the King, "Whom Shall I Fear," "To Live Is Christ" and more.  The following Sunday, February 5, we'll join Meagan and sing "Your Great Name."  I can't wait to share that great proclamation of praise!  Then on February 12, we'll do another favorite as we join Jeff in singing "Never Once."  

I'm so grateful for Jeff Dennis and our folks who make up our tech team.  They do so much to make the sound, lights, camera, projection and so much more happen each Sunday.  They come early and stay late and do it all with such a grace - tell them how much you appreciate the ministry they share with us.