God’s purpose in redemption is to make worshipers out of rebels.
— A.W. Tozer

It was so good to be back home worshiping with our church last Sunday!  There's nothing better than lifting up praise with the family of God at FBCLC!  On January 1, our pastor began the year with a great message about the priority of worship in our lives and in our church.  If you have not already heard it, I'd highly recommend that you go to our church website and watch or call our office and get a cd or dvd of that service.  Worship is all about God and his glory....and our whole desire should be to engage with Him.  What a powerful word as we begin the new year!

This Sunday we'll begin the day "Every Praise."  It's a great big song for a great big choir and orchestra, so come and be ready to get your praise on!  Will you also let me remind you that when you are going to be away on Sunday or Wednesday, I really appreciate your letting me know.  It is so helpful to our planning to know who will be here for rehearsals and for worship.  You can call, email, text or sign the calendar on the white table in the choir room.

I can't wait for rehearsals this Wednesday!  I want to get ready to sing some great songs on Sunday,  tell you how worship is like "date night" and give you some exciting news about NIGHT OF PRAISE 3!   See you there.