When we worship God as we ought, that’s when the nations listen.
— Edmund Clowney

Labor Day weekend has come and gone.....this year is flying by!  Thank you, orchestra, for beginning last Sunday in such a great way with "Forever."  I want you to know how much I appreciate your faithfulness week in and week out to come early and help our congregation lift up praise to the Lord.  We had another great day in worship - and I was especially pleased at how the church responded to singing "Break Every Chain" last Sunday.  Great job, choir, great job James Garner!  Now I'm looking forward to this Sunday as we begin the day with the choir singing "I Shall Wear A Crown."  We'll need every voice ready to go for this one, so come and fill the choir loft. 

We are preparing for a special day in just a few weeks, BACK THE BLUE Sunday.  We have invited first responders in our area to join us for the morning service on Sunday, October 2, so that we can thank them and show them our appreciation.  Our county sheriff, Maxey Cerliano will be with us and will share briefly before special guest Leroy Fountain brings our morning message.  Bro. Fountain is a dynamic church strategist from New Orleans who has a lot of experience with police and firefighters - his own brother is a policeman in Baton Rouge.  We are looking forward to a great day as we honor those who serve us so faithfully.

Christmas with Keron is taking shape.  I'm looking forward to sharing the music that we'll be singing on Sunday, December 11, with Keron Jackson for our Christmas concert.  Keron is such a joy, and I can't wait for you to meet him and hear his story in person.  We are working now to schedule a rehearsal time before December where Keron will come to meet our choir and practice the songs we'll be singing.  Begin now to pray for those who you can contact about coming to hear a remarkable story of redemption.