All music should have no other end and aim than the glory of God and the soul’s refreshment.
— Bach

You did a tremendous job singing "Arise" last Sunday!  Thanks so much for responding to my request to fill the choir loft - the sound was wonderful as we begun another great day of worship.  Julie, thank you so much for ministering to our hearts as you sang "It Is Well."  The Lord has been so good to meet with us in worship in these past several weeks....and I'm looking forward to another "divine appointment" next Sunday.  We'll begin the day with our orchestra playing "Nothing But the Blood."  We'll sing some great congregational songs like "Come Thou Fount,"  "In Christ Alone" and "Your Name" and then the choir will join Chelsey in singing one of our favorites, "Cry Holy."  I truly can't wait for Sunday to come when we'll lift our voices together again in praise.

Just a word of thanks to our Worship Committee.  These folks meet with me several times a year to give input on the direction of our music ministry, audio, video and other areas where we give oversight.  They also help me each year as we prepare and submit our budget for the next church year.  We had a very good meeting this past Sunday where we discussed some plans for next year and even beyond.  If you have questions or ideas about something related to our choir, orchestra worship teams or tech ministries, please let me know or see Kim & Coila, Jeff & Melissa, Welton & Vicky, Tulley and Joy or Cindy Kulak.  We are looking for one or two folks to add to our tech team right now....and we are always seeking to add to our choir and orchestra!

We're off and running toward Dec. 11 when we will join with Keron Jackson for our annual Christmas musical.  The music that we will be singing is in the back of your folders - demos will be ready in just a few days.  Who do you know that you could invite to join us for some great music and a testimony of hope for the hopeless?