The greatest motivation to share the gospel with someone today is this: Another voice around the throne....a louder song for Jesus.
— Matt Papa

Wow, what a month it has been already - Three weeks since we have had rehearsals, and I'm chomping at the bit the get started again!  I had a great week with the Singing Men of East Texas on tour in Arkansas and Missouri and then last week was our mission trip to Montana.  What a great week that was!  Our team included five of our music ministry folks who worked like crazy, laughed a lot, worshiped and enjoyed some great fellowship with the Bucker's, our missionaries in Kalispell.  We were able to paint and build and do all that we had hoped to do and a little more thanks to the prayers and support of our wonderful church family.  Please pray for this precious family as they minister in the Big Sky country.

Last Sunday was awesome!  What a great day of worship with the choir singing "Keep on the Firing Line" and the congregation singing in such a great way during our morning service.  Our pastor began a new series from 1 Samuel called "The Prophet" which promises to be an outstanding study for our church.  Then on Sunday night, our student ministry band led the whole service and did a fantastic job.  I am so grateful for the leadership that Tim and Melinda give with our students.  The band led our music and several of our students, along with Tim and Randall Horton, shared what the Lord had done in that ministry this summer.  It was a great day.

Now we look toward next Sunday.  I'd like to begin the service with the choir singing "Jesus, You Are Welcome Here."  We'll need everyone on board to sing this great anthem of praise!  By the way, please remember our Old Fashioned Singing with East Mountain Bluegrass on Aug. 28 at 6:30 p.m.  We have posters and info cards available on the table.....can I also ask you to go to Facebook and share the poster that is posted there?  We'd like to see how many people we can get this info to so that we can have a great host to join us for a great night of singing.  The top ten list has been compiled and we'll sing them along with a couple of choir selections including "Old Tyme Church Medley."  Help us fill every seat in the choir for that night!