There is nothing in my life that is wasted - God uses everything bad or good for my good and for His glory.
— Paul Michael Vacca

There's nothing quite like the sound of God's people lifting up praise to Him....and you did some heavy lifting last Sunday!  Wow, what a great time it was singing "He's An On-Time God" - thank you Charlotte for blessing our hearts with that solo.  I LOVED watching you sing it without music!  Then Walter sang "Untitled Hymn" - oh my, what a great moment that was.  Thank you, Walter, for your heart to minister through song.

This Sunday we'll start the service with the orchestra playing an old favorite, "Goodbye World Goodbye."  Our summer worship intern, Andrew Coop, will be directing the orchestra this Sunday as he nears the end of his summer with us.  He has been working hard to learn conducting, as well as a number of other things associated with our music ministry this summer.  Later in the service, the choir will sing "All Because of the Wonderful Cross," which Andrew will also direct.  Pastor will finish the LIVING IN A NEW REALITY series - I'm looking forward to a great day of worship.

This is the last week to vote for your favorite gospel songs for our Old Fashioned Singin' on Aug. 28.  Let me encourage you to get a ballot from the resource table and write down your choices.  We're going to have a great time with our choir, the top ten and East Mountain Bluegrass.  Also, I'll be sharing in rehearsals this week about our plans for Christmas this year (yes, I know it's July, but it's only 138 days until Christmas musical!)