I humbly proclaim that I don’t have all the answers, but I boldly proclaim that I serve a God who does.
— Greg Locke

Wow, I may have a new favorite choir song!  "Your Great Name" was phenomenal - thank you Meagan and choir for blessing my heart by delivering your hearts through that song last Sunday.  I couldn't help but think back to the lyrics of the verses when I read this week's quote from Greg Locke - check it out.

This Sunday is going to be a wonderful day.  As usual, we've had to shuffle our summer schedule around a bit to manage with vacations and other activities.  So, we're going to  start the day this Sunday with the choir singing "He's An On-Time God."  Charlotte will carry the solo and we'll back her up....perhaps without music?  We'll see on Wednesday night!

Continue to pray for our Mission Team that will be leaving in just over two weeks for Kalispell, Montana.  The Lord is bringing an amazing number of details together to make this trip possible....and we believe He is going to do a great work through this mission effort.  Will you also pray for me as I lead the Singing Men of East Texas on tour Aug. 3-6.  We'll be singing four times in four days traveling through Arkansas and up the Branson, Missouri.  Remember, we will not have rehearsals on either Aug. 3 or Aug. 10 due to those mission trips.  We will be playing and singing on Sundays, though - and I look forward to great times of worship with you.