What a great gift it is to bear God’s name!
— Paul Michael Vacca

"What a great gift it is to bear God's name!"  That was one of the first things our pastor said last Sunday as he began a tremendous study of I John 3.  I was raised to believe that your name is very important, because it carries with it a reputation.....and that reputation affects not just you but everyone who shares that name. That's why it is vital to live so that the name you bear is never marred.   It occurred to me as Paul Michael was preaching that each Sunday when we stand to sing or when we play our music we are indeed bearing God's name.  What a joy it is for me to see the joy and passion you bring to the music we offer in praise to our Lord.  You do such a great job of "bearing God's name" through music, and I am honored to be able to share in that pursuit with you.

Can you believe summer is here?  Next Sunday will be June 5, and we'll kick it off with a great day of worship and fellowship.  The choir and orchestra will share "I Don't Know Why" in the morning service.  We'll also introduce "Cornerstone" as a new congregational song.  We will also have baptism and children's dedication and our pastor will continue the series from 1 John.  Then on Sunday night, our Soul Care groups will be meeting in various homes.  I hope you'll take advantage of this great opportunity to meet with others in our church family for a time of fellowship.  

We have many things happening this Summer.  Next week I'll be sharing about plans for our Old Time Gospel Singing on Aug. 28.  This will be a great time of singing some favorite old songs and hearing the East Mountain Gospel Bluegrass group.  I hope you'll help us get the word out about it as we look forward to a great time together.