God cares about His great Name.....and He wants to be glorified through you.
— Paul Michael Vacca

When I heard our pastor make that statement it occurred to me that he had summed up in one sentence what our worship ministry - and, indeed our whole church - is about.  The glory of God is a huge thing!  So huge that we can say that everything we are about is driven by His glory and has His glory as its goal.  All the world needs to see....and one day will see the greatness and majesty of who He is.  He has chosen to be glorified through His people, and that is such an awesome calling.  We come to Christ and see His glory, we can't help but share it with others and we build lives that are centered on reflecting His glory through our worship and our lives.  When we worship, we are fulfilling the purpose that God has for us....what a glorious calling!

The choir did a great job beginning our day last Sunday with "Yes I Am."  Thanks for singing with your voices and with your faces!  I'm looking forward to this Sunday as we will join Julie in singing "Not for a Moment."  It's going to be another great day of worship!   By the way, we have a calendar out on the white table near the storage room so that you can let us know if you will be out of town for any of our upcoming Sundays.  This is helpful as we plan our Sundays for choir and orchestra - especially in the summer.