Worship is not about the position of your hands, it’s the condition of your hands. Not about hands raised or by your side, but clean hands.
— Christine Caine

What a blessing it was to worship together with our church family and to have the privilege of taking communion this past Sunday.  The reminder from our pastor that we do this "until He come again" was particularly strong in my mind as I reflected on what the Lord had done in my heart this past weekend.  Thank you, Cindy and choir for blessing our hearts with "Remember and Proclaim."  We also had such a good night as we heard Chaplain Drew Buckner of Braveheart Ministries in Montana share the word and give us a brief update on his work in Kalispel.  Great things are happening - the Lord is at work.

Spurgeon was right when commenting on Psalm 100:4, 'The people of God ought not just enter His gates with thanksgiving, they should crowd the very gates with praise!"  I can't wait to start the service this service with that great new anthem "Crowd the Gates."  I hope you'll fill every seat in the choir and lift up your voices like never before!

Night of Praise 2 is coming, and I hope you are planning to be a part of the great choir we'll have at Woodland Hills BC on May 1.  We will have one rehearsal there on Wed. Apr. 27, so we will not have our regular orchestra and choir rehearsals here that night.  Then on May 1, we'll meet at Woodland Hills at 3 p.m., rehearse until 5, have dinner at the church then begin the service at 6 p.m.  We're adding one new song this week called "You Are Worthy" - it's a doozy!  CD's with all six songs are available in the choir room - get yours and join us for Night of Praise.