The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.
— Augustine

Last Sunday was a great day to worship and fellowship together - starting with a great call by our worship choir to "Send the Light."  You did an excellent job!  The whole theme of our service was missions, empowered by the Spirit, and I was greatly blessed by the music you led - especially when we sang "Holy Spirit."  What a joy it was to both hear and see our church singing that great prayer.  Now we look forward to next Sunday as the choir and orchestra will share "Written In Red."  Pastor will continue the PRIORITIES series with a message on love - it's going to be another great day.

While reading this week, I found an old document written to guide choir members in the Orthodox church....and thought parts of it were very relevant for us.  It begins with this paragraph: 
"There are few ministries of the Church that require the devotion and the dedication that church singing does. You who lead the singing as well as you who follow the leader are precious gifts to your parishes. This is not to compliment you or increase your pride, but rather to put a little fear and awe in you, so you know what your responsibilities are. Church singing is not a hobby. It is not something one does for personal fulfillment. It is first and foremost a duty, a duty of those to whom God has given musical talents. It is sinful, in my opinion, for someone not to sing who has been given the gift to sing. Sinful!  You join the angels, and do that which the angels do perpetually. That’s not an interest, avocation, or a hobby; it is a duty. Angels were created to serve and to praise, and you have been given voices for that same purpose.  I love to remind our church singers of the fact that we physically jump into something that goes on perpetually. We jump in and join with the angels for a couple of hours, and then we jump back out."

That's a great thought for us as we approach the Lord's Day - we join with angels giving praise to our Lord!  Perhaps I'd alter the last line, though, because I don't see the need to "jump back out."  As we leave the gathering of saints on Sunday, our hearts ought to be so engaged in praise that we'd just continue right on giving our songs to the Lord!  Lift up the Name above all Names.