If a man just stops to think what he has to praise God for, he will find enough to keep him singing for a week.
— D.L. Moody

Hearing our pastor preach on Jacob from Genesis 28 last Sunday night reminded me of a question from a worship study we did together a few years ago.  The story has to do with Jacob's retreat from Esau and the night he spent with a rock for a pillow at a place called Luz.  He saw in a vision angels going up and down a ladder from Heaven, then received a promise from God and his response was "how awesome is this place!"  He changed the name of the place from Luz to "Bethel" - house of God."  It got me thinking:  Where in your life have you experienced a "Bethel," that is, a place where God made Himself known to you?  If you can point to a place, or even a few, you would certainly agree with Jacob that "awesome" is the appropriate term to describe it.  Those times, though not common, give a believer even more faith that God is our Provider and Redeemer and Source and Sustainer and all our needs are in His hands.  Awesome indeed.

I was so blessed by both the choir and orchestra last Sunday.  "Reason Enough" was such a great message for that service.  Orchestra, you did a truly beautiful job playing "Amazing Grace-My Chains Are Gone" as well.  Now I'm looking forward to next Sunday when the choir will join with the Children's Choir to sing "Be Unto Your Name."  Let's fill every seat in the choir loft!

Will you also pray for me as I lead in worship for an area wide evangelism conference at FBC Sulphur Springs on Sunday night?  I appreciate Walter Tehan and his willingness to lead in our service here.  Don't miss the next part of the Promise Keeping God series on Sunday night.