Where no throne is provided, the King will not be present.
— Old Scottish Proverb

Valentine's Day is all about love....and our pastor reminded us that the greatest love ever conceived was revealed at the cross of Calvary.  I can't think of a better text for that day than John 3:16, or a better song to share than "Written In Red."  My, what a splendid job our choir and orchestra did on it!  Thank you so much.  I'm looking forward now to next Sunday when we'll sing "Reason Enough" and the following week when we'll join the childrens choir to sing "Be Unto Your Name."

I've been working for several years to write a song on a concept that Bro. Bruce introduced me to.  The Latin phrase is "Coram Deo" - or, "before the face of God."  The idea is that we live our lives with the constant knowledge that our all-knowing, all-seeing, all-loving God is with us every moment.  So everything we do, and say, is done and said in His presence - before the face of God.  What an awesome and fearful thought!  And yet, what joyful thought.  He sees and knows everything - yes, He knows every evil thought and word and action - and He loves me still.  In scripture, it seems that God has a way of speaking to those who live in the consciousness of His presence.  Even greater, He has created me for the glorious purpose of bringing attention to the greatness of who He is.  I have the privilege of giving glory to God and in so doing I can see the pleasure in His face.  

"I have one hope, I have one plea, that God be glorified in me,
Each word I speak, each song I sing, before the face of Christ my King."

My prayer is that we all can live "Coram Deo."  See you Sunday.