Worship is man’s full reason for existence. Worship is why we are born and why we are born again.
— A.W. Tozer

The Lord continues to bless our church!  Last Sunday we set our hearts on thanksgiving as the orchestra began the service with "Give Thanks."  I am so grateful for this faithful group of musicians who come each week to give their talents in service to our Lord.  Another young man was baptized, the Word was preached with power and the church joined together in worship.  What could be better?  I am enjoying a book by AW Tozer called THE PURPOSE OF MAN in which he makes the case chapter by chapter that the reason we are here - our purpose for existence is to worship God and give Him glory.  No half hearted ceremonies...no scriptures read but not felt....no songs sung by rote but not from heart.  We are here to give body, mind and soul in abandon to our great God and King.

This week is Thanksgiving, so we do not have any activities or rehearsals on Wednesday night.  Our choir will, however, be singing next Sunday!  We'll kick off the morning service helping Walter Tehan sing the wonderful anthem "Thanks."  It is hard to believe, but this Sunday will also be the first Sunday of Advent.  We will be lighting the first candle this week as we celebrate the season of HOPE.  I want to also say thanks to all who gave their time to come and decorate the worship center for the season - it is just beautiful!

Remember next week, November 30 is our big rehearsal with Keron Jackson for our Christmas musical.  We'll meet in the gym for ChickFilA at 5:45 pm, then move to the worship center at 6:30 to meet Keron and rehearse together.  I hope you'll take some of the post cards or posters that we have and invite those you know to join us on December 11 for a great night of music and hearing a testimony of what God can do - even when things seem hopeless.

Happy Thanksgiving!