Worship is nothing else but rendering to God the honor that is due Him.
— Stephen Charnock

Wholehearted.  That's my "takeaway" word from last Sunday.  As our pastor taught on worship I kept returning to this one word.  Our worship is to be self giving, abandoned, unreserved, unrestrained.  It is our response to His love - how could it be half hearted?  Then in a moment we got a visual image.....the pastor stood as we were singing "I Will Exalt."  Soon others were standing and kneeling and the presence of the Lord was so very evident.  Thank you, Lord, for your special touch on your church last Sunday.  May we never hold back in our praise to You.

It's been a while since we've had some Sunday morning bluegrass, but next Sunday will be the day.  I'm looking forward to having Mike and Julie Tucker, along with Gary Boyd, James Garner and perhaps others play and sing in our morning service.  Pastor will continue his PRIORITIES series with a great message on the priority of preaching.  I'm looking forward to another great day of worship.

I'm looking forward to sharing some wonderful music over the next few weeks.  Next Sunday, Feb. 7, the choir will sing "Send the Light" followed by "Written in Red" on Feb. 14.  We'll sing "Reason Enough" on Feb. 21 and on the last Sunday in Feb. we'll sing "Be Unto Your Name" with our childrens choir.  Also over the next few weeks, our orchestra will play "I'll Fly Away," "Come Now is the Time" and "Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone."  Have I mentioned how much I love our music and worship family at FBCLC?