As worship leaders, our job is not to make something happen, but to allow something to occur.
— Randy Vader

Wow, that was some singing last Sunday!  The choir was almost full as you sang "The Church of the Living God" - and it just seemed to grow as we went.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness, your preparation and your heart to lead our church in worship.  We are being both blessed and challenged as our pastor continues preaching the "PRIORITIES" series on Sunday morning.  I'm excited that this week he'll be talking about worship and how we can fulfill our purpose in giving glory and praise to our King.  We'll be joining Jennifer in singing a song we introduced last fall called "I Will Exalt."  The orchestra will begin the day with a favorite of ours, "When the Morning Comes."  Let's fill the choir again and lift up praise to our Lord.

Nine weeks until Easter!  It's coming soon and I'm looking forward to another wonderful time of worship as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  I hope you'll take some time to listen to your demo cd's and get very familiar with "This Blood" and "Blessed Is He," our songs for Holy Week.  Between now and then we'll also be singing "Written in Red," "Reason Enough," "Be Unto Your Name," and others.  Then after Easter, we'll have one month to get ready for Night of Praise II at Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Longview.  Mark Sunday night, May 1 on your calendar - it's going to be a great one!