Wherever persons are seen to worship in the Bible, it is always accompanied by what may be called an “astonished wonder.”
— Byron Allen

Wow, what a great Lord's Day that was!  The orchestra kicked it off with a favorite, "Goodbye, World Goodbye."  I am so proud of our instrumentalists!  Week after week they come early and stay late to play for the glory of the Lord as our congregation lifts up praise.  Then the choir joined Julie in singing that outstanding new anthem, "There is Coming A Day."  What a great moment that was in our service!  Thank you, Julie, and thank you choir for singing with your voices, your faces, and your spirits.  Bro. Lane opened the Word in such a powerful way to remind us that God is our one source of help and that He never fails.  

I'm looking forward to a very special day as we gather this Sunday.  The Choir will sing "Come Now and Sing" and "This Blood" in the morning service.  I'm so happy that some of our former members will be returning to sing with us this Sunday, and I look forward to filling the choir loft for a great time of praise.  I'm also thrilled that Bro. Bruce and Mrs. Patsy will be here this weekend to worship with us....you can imagine my reaction when I heard the news!  We'll enjoy fellowship at the reception in the afternoon, but more than anything I long to worship with the family of God this Sunday.

Of course, these are both sad and exciting days as Deb and I prepare to move to a new place of service next week.  We are so thankful for the many years the Lord has given us here and for the wonderful memories, we have so many great times with you.  There truly are no words to express our gratitude for all you have been and all you are to us.  Thank you again for the wonderful gift that was announced this past Sunday morning.  May I also say a word of thanks to one who has been a true partner in our ministry at FBCLC.   Charlotte Taylor has been my ministry assistant, friend, helper.....I give up - there's no way to describe all she does!  Charlotte will be leaving her position on July 21 after almost 10 years on the job.  To say she will be sorely missed would be great understatement.  Charlotte, you are the best, and again I'm thanking our Lord for the opportunity to serve with you for these many years.  As we approach our last night of rehearsals together, I pray that we may laugh and love and sing and pray and most of all, that we may again experience the presence of the Lord.  And as we approach next Sunday, may the glory of the Lord truly be the passion of the church.

I love you.

Worship is God’s enjoyment of us and our enjoyment of Him.
— Graham Kendrick

 I was thinking this morning about a time a number of years ago when Jeremy and I were on an airplane after a week at a youth camp in Missouri.  It was one of those hot summer days, but the sky was overcast as we boarded.  The flight started and we settled in, but after a while, we hit some turbulence - heat pockets, the pilot called them - that caused the plane to take what seemed like huge plunges that would take your breath and then the plane would shake like crazy.  I wanted to assure my son that all was well, but inside I was scared to death!  I was quoting every verse I could remember and singing every worship song that would come to mind.  This went on for a few minutes, but it seemed much longer.  Then, after climbing to a higher altitude, the ride all of the sudden became smooth.  As we looked out the window, we could see the white clouds below and the sun that bounced its rays off the wings.  Isn’t life like that?  You settle in for a smooth ride and all of the sudden you’re in the middle of a crisis that drops you and bounces you around!  So, where is God in all of that?  Right where He was before it started, and right where He’ll be when it’s over....on the throne of the universe ruling and reigning and watching over His own.  “I’m so glad I learned to trust Him, Precious Jesus, Savior Friend.  And I know that He is with me, will be with me to the end.”

Looking forward to worship this Sunday.  We’ll start the day with the choir singing “Come Now and Sing.”  Let’s fill the house with praise!

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
— Jeremiah 29:11

It's always good to come home and to hear good reports from the worship services when we are gone.  Thank you again, Bro. Tim, for leading our church in worship while Debbie and I were away last Sunday.  I'm looking forward already to next Sunday when the church gathers to worship.  It will be a holiday weekend with the 4th of July just around the corner, and we will recognize the great gift we have of freedom - both in our country and in Christ.  Our orchestra will begin the day playing "God Bless the USA."  We'll sing great old songs like "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" and great new songs like "Even So, Come."  In it all, may our eyes and hearts be directed to the One who is worthy of all glory.

Most of you know already that I led the services last Sunday at FBC Idabel, OK.  At the close of the morning service, the church issued a call for me to come as their worship pastor, and I have accepted.  This was certainly not a move that we ever expected to make, but we sense the hand of God and we must follow.  There is no language that would begin to express what we feel as we try to wrap our minds around leaving this place that has been our life for almost 30 years.  You have loved us, cared for us, prayed for us and worshiped with us when it mattered most.  We have been on a journey together to discover that the glory of God really is the priority of life - and I pray that you never lose sight of that truth as you continue to lift up the name of Jesus in this place.  Please pray for us in this time of transition as we prepare to move and begin a new work.

And yes, we will have rehearsals on Wednesday night!